My mom enables my brother

To begin off, my family is fairly small, so we have always tried to stay close. Growing up, it was just me, my brother (M, 29), my mom & dad, and my grandparents. My brother is about 5 or so years older than me, so he was always my protector growing up. That was until I turned 7 and my brother started to see me a little differently, I guess.

The enabling mother or father of a narcissistic parent is also personality disordered, and in fact, a secondary abuser, because they keep their child in an absolute torture chamber. The failure of the parent to support the child when in desperate need of release from the narcissistic situation, suggests that the enabling parent’s needs mean more to the parent, than the needs. My greatest friend in the world had a terrible disease. For New Year's Day, I made a word cloud art with her favourite people in the shape of a heart. I was crying while making it. Thank you for this unique way to send love to my friend! - Gordana Grmusa. It is virtually impossible for you to help your brother if his parents are enabling and are co-dependents. You need to focus your attention on educating your parents. Commiserate and empathize with their pain of seeing their child in such bad shape. Bond with them around the tragedy that is your brother's life.

It will be hard to do and to go through your parents' emotions with them, but this can't go on. For your parents' safety, your brother must get help. You could call Social Services Adult Protective Services and see if they have other ideas about how you can help your parents. Take care of yourself, too, Carol. Helpful Answer ( 1) Report. A.




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